What’s happening here?

History of updates

November 2014 Migrated the blog to its own account on the server with a new more helpful URL of blog.thoughtcat.com. Updated the theme. The original Thoughtcat blog site (see below) is now at archives.thoughtcat.com.

2/7/13 Finished fiddling about updating in-page links and implementing WordPress plugins including EU Cookie Control and Google Analytics. Purchased a site redirect upgrade at my original blog thoughtcat.wordpress.com for £9/year to automatically redirect all original links to corresponding links on this new site.

1/7/13 Migrated all of my blog at thoughtcat.wordpress.com to this site, so that my blog finally now lives on the thoughtcat.com server.

In 2009 I started gradually migrating the content from the original Thoughtcat site site to this blog. Progress on this is listed below; for more details read the article below or the blog post which for no obvious reason is almost, but not exactly, the same. In the meantime, check out the Good stuff page for a selection of content from both the old and new sites.

25/11/09 Started transferring June 2003 blog entries

17/11/09 Completed May 2003 blog entries and made a page for Thoughtcat’s Four-Noun Autobiography Title Game

21/10/09 Blogged about recent transfer of old blog entries Jan-May 2003

3/10/09 Finally wrote a little ‘about’ page (the history page now lives under it)

1/9/09 Transferred the Leonard Cohen Name Generator to its own site

24/7/09 Finished transferring April 2003 blog entries

3/7/09 Finished transferring March 2003 blog entries

29/06/09 Updated Riddley Walker DVDs page with its own PayPal button and other special offer info!

28/6/09 Brought over everything from the old ‘lynx’ (ho ho!) page to complete the new links page

21/6/09 Redirected www.thoughtcat.com to http://thoughtcat.wordpress.com and explained what’s happening

21/6/09 Copied over most of the links from the original home page to a new links page

7/6/09 Finished transferring posts from February 2003

7/6/09 Finished transferring posts from January 2003

7/6/09: Started to manually transfer old posts from archives starting with 2003

3/6/09: Created new page for review of 2004 Leonard Cohen tribute concert

3/6/09: Completed Leonard Cohen page

29/5/09: Completed Buy stuff page

29/5/09: Created page for All My Own Work

24/5/09: Created Riddley Walker DVD page

Thoughtcat is moving!

After many years of creating my own not-particularly-good web pages and maintaining the site and blog separately, I’ve finally got around to putting everything under one roof here on WordPress – or starting to, anyway. Thus if you were on thoughtcat.com just now and have been taken here and are feeling a bit disorientated, don’t panic – no impostor has taken over the site while I was asleep! (At least I don’t think so…)

All the posts from the original Blogger blog are now here, which is to say they are both here and there. Any posts as of 22nd June 2009 will only appear on this WordPress site. Some of the static pages and ‘home-made blog’ posts from the original Thoughtcat site have also been transferred. This migration is an ongoing process, and progress is being tracked on the ‘updates’ box on the home page. As this will take several months to complete, none of the content will be removed from its original place until it’s all been moved, so no links will be broken, although I might periodically update the original pages to redirect to the new ones. Basically, if you’re on thoughtcat.com and click a link chances are you will go to the original item there, but if you click a link on WordPress you will either be taken to the relevant bit of thoughtcat.com or to the new WordPress item. The only page which is really neither here nor there at the moment is the original thoughtcat.com home page, since going to that URL will now redirect you to the WordPress home page.

If you do find a broken link or something seems to be lost, please get in touch. In the meantime I hope you enjoy looking around the new site.