Blair’s exit “strategy”

Haven’t posted in a while and I have a few items of news saved up for when I next get a decent opportunity. For the moment though I couldn’t help but laugh at this report today about a leaked government document giving details of how Tony Blair plans to quit. Amongst other stunts Blair would “appear on programmes including Blue Peter and Songs of Praise“, which is silly enough, but best of all the document adds: “He needs to go with the crowds wanting more.” Surely the only way to do that would be with the aid of a Tardis? About 1998 should do it…

One thought on “Blair’s exit “strategy”

  1. And it gets even more nauseating. Today, reports the BBC, Geoff Hoon says “The view among activists is that [Blair] should go out on a high. That should be a factor affecting his decision. He should do it while he’s still popular.” The headlines around Hoon’s statement are all along the lines of “Minister says Blair should go soon” but what they should actually say is “Minister says ‘Blair should go soon, but not before I’ve kissed his arse and turned black into white just a tad more.'”

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