The man who gives a dinner party to strangers every week

I was trapped on a long train journey the other day and picked up one of those free papers that I love to hate – you know the ones which you see everyone on the train all reading at the same time, and when you finally succumb and pick one up you can’t find any actual news in it. This one though had an interview with a guy called Jim Haynes, who has hosted a dinner party at his flat in Paris every week for the past 30 years, and anyone who calls (or emails) to book can attend, even complete strangers. Everyone chips in towards the cost of the food and Haynes claims he’s only had one dodgy guest in all that time. His website is slightly odd and (as he admits) self-indulgent but he seems a fascinating guy. Next time I’m in Paris I think I’ll look him up… 🙂

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