All My Own Work now available from Amazon

Stephen Miles's 2006 'memoir' All My Own Work, which is exclusive to Thoughtcat, is now available from Amazon at $16.90.

Until now it had only been available direct from publisher Lulu at a somewhat lower price – it's now $11 (about £8) + p&p from that site.

The Amazon listing was automatically managed by Lulu and has not been authorised by Thoughtcat. In its email to Thoughtcat this week, Lulu explains that 'Amazon charges a fee to list your book, and in order to cover that cost your book will be listed with a 30% markup; however your royalty will remain the same, and your book's price on Lulu will not change.'

Therefore although both Stephen and Thoughtcat are happy about the potentially greater visibility of the book on Amazon – which we'd never really looked into because until now we needed a proper ISBN to get a listing, which Lulu charged about £100 for – it makes no difference to us in terms of revenue if people buy it direct from the publisher.

All My Own Work tells the story of how British writer Miles won a £10,000 UK literary prize, the Leonard Sankey Award for New Talent in Fiction, and was then controversially stripped of the award. Thoughtcat has never been very clear whether the book is a novel with aspirations to being a memoir or the other way round but it is a very good read either way, described by Lost Army of Cambyses author Paul Sussman as 'clever and original … extremely witty'.

Further information including sample chapters, an author interview and reader feedback can be found at

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