Please donate to help children in Gaza

Recently my children went on holiday for a few weeks with their mum, and one of the things I did with them before they went was play football with them in a field nearby. As we played, two boys we didn’t know came over and asked if they could join in. So here was dad wheezing around being beaten at football by four boys aged between 7 and 11. At the end of the afternoon when the other boys had to go home one of them said to me “Thanks for playing with us.” I was profoundly touched by his politeness, and it came back to me the other day when I saw on the news that four Palestinian boys, also aged from 7 to 11, had been killed in deliberate targeting by the Israeli army while they were playing football on a beach in Gaza. Children are fair game in Israel’s vile war, so until the perpetrators are brought to justice and all this shit stops, please donate to a cause such as Save the Children’s emergency campaign because by any stretch of the imagination, however you define a terrorist, it isn’t a kid playing football. Thank you.