All My Own Work

All My Own Work cover
All My Own Work cover

Before “Lit Idol” there was (or were) THE LEONARD SANKEY AWARDS FOR NEW TALENT IN FICTION (which was pretty much the same thing, just not as catchy).

Three of the winners of the first (and last) Sankey Awards were (or was) STEPHEN MILES.

ALL MY OWN WORK is his story.

In 2002 Stephen Miles was famously stripped of one of the UK’s most sought-after literary prizes, the Leonard Sankey Award for New Talent in Fiction. ALL MY OWN WORK tells, for the first time, how Miles came to write the entry that won and then lost the £10,000 prize, and the parts played in the whole unlikely story by his estranged Thai wife Fon, partners-in-crime Vince, Alastair and Eric, and an anchored navigational river float known as the Buoy of Orpheus.

A humorous memoir of the power of love, friendship, books, music and rice soup, ALL MY OWN WORK is a true story, although at times it reads like fiction.

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‘Clever and original … extremely witty’
– Paul Sussman, author of The Lost Army of Cambyses

‘A Most Original Work of the “unputdownable” kind, very funny, inventive, and rich’
– Yvonne Studer, author of Ideas, Obsessions, Intertexts: A Nonlinear Approach to Russell Hoban’s Fiction

Richmond & Twickenham Times story 12/1/07 on this site


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