Cats in the news

Thoughtcat has never really been a topical cat site – I prefer references to classic cats, if any at all; the cat theme was always a metaphor anyway (darling) – but I couldn’t help noticing a sudden rash of cat stories in the news in the past few days, and it seems churlish not to give them a mention. Firstly on 4th April Elizacat brought to my attention Lewis the “crazy Connecticut cat”, who’s been terrorising a small town (specifically, an Avon lady who is now suing him – only in America, eh!) and is now “under house arrest” (Lewis, not the Avon lady; only in America #2) on pain of having his claws removed, or being put down altogether. Lewis now has his own MySpace site and several hundred “friends” are clubbing together to protest his “human rights”. Then this weekend a New York moggy called Molly was finally released after two weeks of being stuck inside the walls of a Greenwich Village building. Now today Thoughtcat hears of a German cat who saved the life of a newborn baby abandoned in a freezing Berlin doorway, by meowing repeatedly until someone came out and rescued the child. They say these things come in threes, so unless cats are taking over the world this will probably be all for the moment. Argh, no, hang on! What about the evil “cat nurses” in last night’s (excellent) new Doctor Who series opener? I think their being cats was a bit random, but they looked good.

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