Have I Pot Noodles For You

As a longtime fan of BBC comedy current affairs quiz Have I Got News For You, I feel qualified to say that last night’s show (sadly the last in the current series) was a minor classic. This was just as well, incidentally, as it restored my faith in a show which had disappointed me two weeks ago after a flurry of jokes at the expense of Prince Charles’s recent comment that he’s a fan of Leonard Cohen. This prompted me to dash off a slightly bonkers email to Hat Trick Productions, which for anybody who is bored enough can read at this thread on the Leonard Cohen Forum. (Needless to say I haven’t received a reply…)

Anyway, back to last night. I forget how it all started now but at some point a reference to Pot Noodles was made, which prompted an avalanche of puns on the famously nutrition-free instant snack, such as “Cambodian dictator flavour” Pol Pot Noodles, Snot Noodles “for when you have a cold”, Piss-Pot Noodles (forget the context), “cannabis smokers’ favourite” Pot Pot Noodles, “Tony Blair’s favourite flavour” John Prescott Noodles, “noodles you eat on a boat” Yacht Noodles, and so on and so forth for about 10 minutes. After the show was finished there was a clip of an out-take in which someone wondered aloud how long Pot Noodles have been going, to which guest host Jack Dee quipped “Since the Year Dot Noodles.”

Needless to say I woke up early this morning with assorted new Pot Noodle puns going around in my head: “pub gambling machine flavour noodles” Slot Noodles, “noodles favoured by American biographers” Donald Spoto Noodles, “the writer’s preferred flavour” Plot Noodles, “special Christmas edition” Santa’s Grotto Noodles, “noodles you eat on a flight to Moscow” Aeroflot Noodles, “one of a series based on biblical characters” Lot Noodles, “19th century romantic poem flavour” The Lady of Shalott Noodles, “King Arthur’s favourite” Camelot Noodles… I could go on, but instead I will open this up to Thoughtcat’s readers to contribute their own.

One thought on “Have I Pot Noodles For You

  1. I have to admit that period of the show had me in stitches,

    There was the police’s snack “Shot Noodles” (Hislop)

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