Jim Smith – An Apology

In the previous post, Thoughtcat erroneously identified one Stephen Appleby as the gentleman responsible for the spindly excellence that is Puccino’s’s’s packaging artwork. However, as the man himself (the actual artist, not Stephen Appleby) commented on said post (below), the actual artist (have I already said that?) is in fact one Jim “James” Smith. Jim’s extensive collection of receipts, sugar packets (unlike me, he’s got the lot!) and cupular sloganage can be viewed on his very terrific website www.waldopancake.com. Also linked from said site is the simply brilliant “Rock Blondsky’s Bad Ideas – Slow moving consumer goods” such as Sitcom Flakes, Tramp Hoops and You Are a Loser chocolate bars. Thoughtcat wishes to take this opportunity to jump up and down with delight in the knowledge that the artist in question has not just read Thoughtcat but got in touch, whilst apologising sombrely to Mr Smith for any contusion caused.

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