A selection of Thoughtcat’s YakYak posts

As I think I’ve mentioned once before, I occasionally post to YakYak, a forum ostensibly for fans of cult video game firm Llamasoft (my own Llamastory can be found here) and gaming in general. I’m a very lapsed gamer myself, but the community is fantastic and the forum has a great talkboard called Bleatings where like-minded personages can chunter over any subject under the sun. If it seems to Thoughtcateers that I hardly ever blog these days, check out the following links. Most of them consist of a short, pithy post quoting a news item or similar, and I post them there as opposed to blogging because chances are high someone will chip in with a pithy response in return. (It is a talkboard, of course, but forums are more like having a conversation in a pub, which I never have in real life because I never go to pubs, whereas blogging is more like running your own newspaper in the days before newspapers had a comments facility. Even though blogs also have a comments facility. Whatever.) What interests me most is how these responses can blossom unexpectedly into great long discussions… it’s good to talk!

8th April: Come on, admit it – you blubbed (at Channel 4’s 100 greatest tearjerkers list on TV the previous night)
21st April: Ban this filth!
21st April: Ow! AKA accidental ridiculous self-injury (possibly too much information here)
28th April: Hilarious comment on the earthquake in Kent! (all in good taste)

Okay, that’s enough YakYak posts – Ed.