Riddley Walker DVDs out now!

Thoughtcat blog devotees (I know there are a few out there!) will recall my trip to Waterford, Ireland, nearly a year ago now, to see a rare theatrical production of Russell Hoban’s Riddley Walker. As anyone who has read the article I posted at the time will remember, the performance (in a big top) was cancelled due to heavy rain, so although the cast improvised brilliantly to put on an amazing performance in a nearby pub, I never got to see the whole show… until very recently. Sam Jacob of Stickman Productions filmed two complete performances on two cameras, and the resulting film of the whole play is now fully available on a 2-DVD set. The actual show more than lived up to my expectations, and fans of Riddley Walker, Russell Hoban, and innovative theatrical productions will not be disappointed. The DVD sets are 25 euros apiece, and that includes p&p; to anywhere in the world. Full details for how to order are on the main Thoughtcat site.

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