Riddley DVDs walking off the site

My faith in the Christmas spirit has been restored this week after several posts I put round the web (including here, on Facebook, Twitter and the Kraken fan forum) gave a sharp boost to flagging sales of the Riddley Walker DVD. For anyone who’s missed it, this is a film of the whole performance of the 2007 stage version of Russell Hoban’s classic 1980 novel. The 2-disc sets have come down from 25 euros to just 15 euros, inclusive of p&p; to anywhere. Hardy Hoban perennial Dave Awl also updated his Head of Orpheus site to mention the news. Please note that as these are dispatched from Ireland, it is now too late to order these for Christmas delivery (unless you live pretty near to Waterford, that is), but don’t let that put you off – snap one up now for a new year treat!