Jolliman possible phishing/spam scam

I just got an email to my address from a clothing company called Jolliman thanking me for a purchase which I did not make. There was no link in it to click as such but it did confirm the name of the person who supposedly made the order, which was similar to mine (same surname, different first name) with a Stoke-on-Trent, UK address (not mine). I thought it might therefore be a genuine admin error by the company or customer so I Googled for Jolliman, whereupon result no 1 was a web address. I clicked that and a dialogue box asked me for a user name and password, which I ignored, but the site loaded anyway. I then closed it and didn't go any further. A Google search doesn't show up anything like "Jolliman phishing scam" so I may just be being completely paranoid, but in case it is a brand new scam, this is a heads-up.

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