Wow, Hootsuite now posts to WordPress

Wow, Hootsuite now includes WordPress in the social networks you can update from it. This is a test to see what happens…

2 thoughts on “Wow, Hootsuite now posts to WordPress

  1. Hmm, so you can now “blog” from Hootsuite – nice idea but not sure I like the automatic/truncated post title. Wonder if there’s a 140 character limit too?

  2. OK, it seems from HootSuite’s useful video at that the normal character limit doesn’t apply – I guess it’s unlimited but it’s not clear. Not sure I’d really want to write a whole blog post from HootSuite’s little Twitter-sized interface though. Also you definitely can’t edit the blog post title from HootSuite but you can of course edit it on WordPress once it’s posted, as I’ve done on this one.

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