Kitchen gig update update

I’m well chuffed to see that one of the guitar solo videos I recorded last summer – Me playing along to Portishead’s It Could Be Sweet – has now had over 500 views. Sure, I mean this isn’t exactly up there with other YouTube hits we have known, but better/slap/face/fish etc. Above is a reprise for those who missed it first time around.

Update 2/2/11: finally edited to link to the correct video on YT. (The Portishead one has now had over 600 views btw :))

5 thoughts on “Kitchen gig update update

  1. I’m not altogether sure! To be honest this is the first time I’ve noticed it. I also got a WordPress email alert when you clicked “like” to let me know about it, but I can’t find anything under my blog settings. Will have a further look at let you know…

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