– new Drupal site

The original Thoughtcat site at has been dormant for quite a while (even more so than this blog in fact). I’ve started the process of resurrecting it today, as I’ve lately got into Drupal for various reasons and it feels appropriate to use that platform for my stuff rather than this one now. To be fair the main reasons I moved to WordPress in the first place were (a) it had, at that time, more “website”-type features than Blogger, such as standalone pages, and (b) it was free. I had envisaged saving myself a few pounds on hosting fees by eventually migrating all the original content from to this blog, but it never really happened and anyway in the meantime I’ve quite happily started developing on Drupal with a slightly cheaper (and certainly much better value) hosting than I had previously. When I first started blogging and “developing” websites (for want of a better word) I actually never imagined I’d be able to have a proper database-driven site on my own hosting, so I’m quite amazed this has finally happened 🙂

So anyway, it’s likely that future updates and blog posts will be made on

EDIT 3/8/11: Actually I’ve decided to keep just for Drupal stuff, and the WordPress blog for everything else, especially as I can’t be arsed to do yet another big content migration from here to Drupal (even if it would be an interesting exercise). So do please keep reading the WordPress blog.