All My Own Work on Amazon – now back to regular price

Further to my post last week reporting that Stephen Miles’s 2006 comedy novel All My Own Work is now being listed on Amazon at a shocking $17 ($6 over the normal price), this morning Thoughtcat has received the following from publisher Lulu:

“All My Own Work was listed on Amazon as part of Lulu’s Amazon marketplace pilot. We’ve been reading the forum posts and emails and have learned a great deal since we launched the pilot. The majority of our authors have responded positively and many are already seeing an increase in their book sales.

“Based on your feedback and after reading the policies of several marketplaces, we’ve decided to match your titles listing price on Lulu with the listing price on Amazon by removing the 30% markup.”

The email goes on to emphasise that this is a pilot and the Amazon price may go back up again at some point, but for the time being at least, if you prefer to buy the book through Amazon rather than Lulu, it will cost you $11 (about £8) + p&p either way. Yay!

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