Thoughtcat moves to WordPress – radical makeover ahoy!

After many years of creating my own not-particularly-good web pages at and maintaining the site and blog separately, I’ve finally got around to putting everything under one roof on WordPress – or starting to, anyway. Thus if you’re on and are taken to, don’t panic – no impostor has taken over the site while I was asleep! (At least I don’t think so…)

All the posts from the original Blogger blog are now on WordPress, which is to say they are both here and there (or there and here, if you’re reading this on Blogger, or there and there, even, if you’re reading this on Posterous or Facebook). This is the last post to appear on the Blogger blog (*sniff*); any posts as of 22nd June 2009 will only appear on the WordPress site.

Some of the static pages and ‘home-made blog’ posts from the original Thoughtcat site have also been transferred. This migration is an ongoing process; progress is being tracked here with whatever I’m currently doing in the ‘what I’m doing’ box on the new home page. As this will take several months to complete, none of the content will be removed from its original place until it’s all been moved, so no links will be broken, although I might periodically update the original pages to automatically redirect to the new ones.

Basically, if you now click a link, for the time being chances are you will go to the original item there as normal, but if you click a link on WordPress you will either be taken to the relevant bit of or to the new WordPress item. The only page which is really neither here nor there at the moment is the original home page, since going to that URL will now redirect you to the WordPress home page, but pretty much all the content and links from that page have been transferred to the WordPress site in one form or another – for instance the links to favourite sites and books now appear on the links page, and highlights from the site and blog are now listed on the good stuff page. The buy stuff page rounds up the Riddley Walker DVDs, the All My Own Work book and the CafePress merchandise.

If you do find a broken link or something seems to be lost, or have a comment on the new site, or just feel like shooting the breeze about something on here (or there), please get in touch. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the makeover. I think it counts as using up one of my nine lives, but that’s showbiz…

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